ZoomOn – 4 Reasons Why Chinese Millennials Are Happier

A growing urbanization and middle class, better access to education and internet and mobile growth, are the pillars of China’s socio-economic restructuring, providing clues to Millenials to attain happiness, making the most of their experiences. Mykim Chikli, CEO of ZenithOptimedia China, introduced some key learnings* at Shanghai ROI Festival, October 21

Millenials belongs to the only-child generation, are born into technology, bigger spenders and global explorers.

Freedom and control are the alpha and omega of the happiness framework
– On one side they want to invest in building their own identity based on ambition, social&family relationships, passion&interests, which can bring meaningful experiences
> “Getting married”, “having a family”, a “sense of community”, “formal education” and “spirituality” are the goals with strongest growth in terms of importance to be “very happy”
– On the other, work, work-life balance and finance are mandatory to be in/keep control of their life
> followed by “social life”, “personal interests/passion”, “where you live”, and “fitness and wellbeing”

And they are committed to having it all
The aim of my life is to be a woman of substance as well as being financially independent. As long as you commit yourself, it won’t be a burden and things will balance naturally” (Female 24)




1/ They are “Pragmatic optimist” and “Life Adventurer”
Chinese Millenials are positive pretty much like their piers globally, but way above when it comes to “explore/being adventurous”, “inquisitiveness”. Above as well, on “Playfulness” and “Tenacity”

2/ They want to discover possibilities that can change their lives
Being an adult has nothing to do with age but how you think. I think the biggest challenge is to beat the fear inside me. I will have to conquer it. Our generaton’s dream maybe a bit more self- centered but also more open-minded” (male 26)

3/ They expect to make decisions and solve problems
As much as their global piers, and much above, as “a problem solver”. Being “well travelled” though less of a priority, is twice more important than for Global Millenials

4/ They face the future optimistically (despite uncertainty and obstacles)
I don’t really know what will happen in the next 10 years but it will surely be be`er than now. I will work hard to achieve my goals” (male 32)
I’m under a lot of pressure but I’m s]ll very happy and full of confidence”  (Female 27)







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