Top Story – How Qihoo 360 hooked Chinese World Cup Fans

 September 10, 2014

Interview with Aaron Yang, Product Marketing Director Qihoo 360*

China Connect: Have you seen any specific users’ behaviors during this World Cup vs the rest of the year ? What is 360’s audience split per devices ?
Aaron Yang : The data on 360 search has suggested an obvious change on user behaviors before and during the World Cup. According to the 360 search index, the average search query of the keyword “world cup“ (世界杯) was simply around 50,000 before the opening ceremony, June 13. However, it quickly showed a substantial increase – 5 to 10 times more – when World Cup kicked off, with queries surging from 300 000 to 1 000 000 on match days. There’s been a peak at 1,081,698 on the date July 9, when thousand millions of people saw Brazil ’s embarrassing home defeat by Germany.

This World Cup has also seen an incredible surge in demand for online soccer lottery/gambling services, compared to previous editions. Most China’s internet powerhouses like Tencent , Alibaba, 360, Netease or Sina, have launched lottery services, pushing marketing efforts. The sales turnover of soccer lottery during World Cup has hit RMB 12.3 billion (+/- $2billion), 70% of which online. Lottery sales turnover was only 2.3billion for the World Cup in South Africa,. This number was surpassed in the first week of Brazil World cup.

On desktops we have over 500 million users and we have 350+ million approximately on mobile


China Connect: Did you orchestrate any specific actions to engage your users, and what were the results ?
Aaron Yang :  We’ve been actively involved in engaging the World Cup audience mainly via mobile. We mainly leveraged an interesting function in 360 mobile security where people can easily do the cleanup job (Perform virus scans, vulnerability scans, trash cleanups and memory optimization quickly) by simply shaking their phones. There are an average of over 20+ million « clean up » initiatives users daily, but we saw the number increase by 2-3 times during the World Cup

This time we re-designed this in-app game with a World Cup theme where users could opt for their preferred team and express their support by constantly shaking the phones to do the cleanup and additionally get a chance to win the World Cup sweepstake.



After the cleanup job done, users will access to World Cup cheer-up rankings where they can cheer for their favorite team by simply tapping on cheer-up(加油) button and win scores for themselves

The number of shakings was reflected in two “Pulse Rate Index“ trends, representing opposite teams in the match, which fluctuated with the number of shakings as the match went on. This has created another playing field for soccer fans out of the World Cup arena. –

– 2,095,614 users cheered on their favorite team in the opening match
– 680,837,379 supported their teams for the whole World Cup from June 12 until July 14

Prior to the World Cup we have invited Del Piero joins us in the launch of “360 World Cup campaign” presided by Yu Guangdong, senior Vice President of Qihoo 360, to create buzz. And after every match, the results of the “Pulse Rate Index” was discussed and shown on CCTV5, China central sports television, to a broad national audience.


Laure de Carayon
Founder&Ceo China Connect


* Qihoo 360 is China’s 2nd largest seach platform






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