Tom DOCTOROFF, Ceo JWT APAC speaks to China Connect of advertising in China (video)

Before his coming to Paris on October 8 (more info here), Tom Doctoroff shared on Advertising in China, Chinese Advertisers, Creativity… Here are some of the highlights of the interview

Interview – Part 1/2

-“I think the industry is in a great disorientation”
-“When we were looking at the mobile & cyber awards: none of them had what we call ideas in there”
-“To me it is very important that an advertising agency maintains its role as a conductor of ideas. And we cannot be inventors”

-“An what is interesting is that all of these things (latest pitches wins) have all strong digital components; one thing that has happened this year is that advertisers are finally looking for their advertising agency that integrates digital work, and that’s a new thing actually (vs specialist before)”
-“Managing scale within China is where the opportunities are”

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-“I have been here for fifteen years, and I have not noticed any (chinese) agency achieving scale”

– “Local agencies are not dedicated to brand building, added value, they focus on short term, on sales”

-“Chinese people don’t feel comfortable with abstract things (…) Chinese people revere the concrete”
-“A career in advertising is not viewed as safe, or solid enough, so the leadership of local advertising agencies is fairly weak”

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Interview – Part 2/2

-“(They) tend to have a creative ethos that is fairly rigid- just like luxury brands. It’s hard for luxury brands to adapt their creative soul in China with the HQ based in NY or Paris dominated by a creative leader/creative visionary”
-“(BBH, W&K,….they are successful is the West because they have a very strong creative ethos. But the way Chinese consumers engage with brands, and as a result creativity, is very different here”

-“A lot of what brands are doing in the West is rooted in a sort of post-modern cynicism. There is no cynicism here towards brands. There is a red line that cannot be crossed”

-“I think that these new soul agencies (creative shops) celebrate a certain western style of creativity, that doesn’t work here”
-“Even the Omnicom agencies: BBDO, DDB, TBWA, they have all had trouble getting local clients”

-“My thoughts on the Chinese worldview- strengths, weaknesses. And how that gets realized in modern China (business, society, consumption, place in the world”

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