Chinese hegemony is now inevitable. We don’t have much time left to thwart it, to take advantage of it and to be inspired by it…

China is moving faster to the rest of the world than Elon Musk to Mars and will soon be the world’s largest economy. Huawei, Neo, Haier, SenseTime, WeChat… the Middle Kingdom is currently flooding the planet with its industrial flagships and tackling digital, artificial intelligence, electricity or sustainable development armed with the means we have given it ourselves. Day after day, China is rebuilding the Silk Road that has been stolen from it by Westerners, to whom it wants to give back the change of its rice…

With an incisive and slightly provocative tone, the authors present a stunning overview of the implacable places of Chinese economic hegemony and its impact on our daily lives. They warn us: we may be able to react and turn the tide, but we have less than ten years left…

Homéric de SARTHE, Sinologist & CEO PITCHBOY

Homeric de Sarthe lived in China for seven years and is fluent in Mandarin. A graduate of ICD Paris and Fudan University in Shanghai in International Business Management, he founded three companies in China before returning to France in 2016. A passionate entrepreneur, he leads Pitchboy, a leader in virtual reality sales training and customer relations, assisted by artificial intelligence.




Denis Jacquet is an impenitent entrepreneur, graduate of HEC and a master of law. He spent ten years abroad to develop his company Edufactory. He founded Parrainer la croissance and the Observatoire de l’ubérisation before creating the Day One Movement, designed to help the world adapt to the changes brought about by digital technology.