The Future is Going to be Bright for the Super Sports Car Business in China





Francesco Scardaoni, Head of Lamborghini China


China Connect: Can you introduce some key figures about Lamborghini in China, and who are your clients across the country?

Francesco Scardaoni:

Lamborghini saw another record year in 2014. With 2,530 cars delivered to customers, Lamborghini increased worldwide sales for the fourth year in a row. Greater China is still Lamborghini’s second largest market after the U.S.

Chinese customers are among the youngest Lamborghini clients worldwide, living in majority in Tier 1 & 2 cities, and are attracted by the Lamborghini products because of the distinctive, pure design, cutting edge technology and Italian roots. They understanding that a car like a Lamborghini can really characterize the way they present themselves and are savvy in terms of choice in overall design and style. They tend to admire the Lamborghini brand and the overall design of the car, and are particularly conscious of aesthetics and beauty, and how this reflects on them.

But Chinese customers have become more discreet and less willing to show off their wealth, their profile is also changing, with the average age increasing. Compared to a couple of years ago there are more entrepreneurs and businessmen, customers not necessary attracted by outstanding sports performance. For these types, it’s more of a combination of factors. Besides design, they are also looking for comfort because they want to use the car on a daily basis. We have also found that customers are rapidly becoming more demanding, developing a taste for bespoke services and additional extras.

China Connect: How (much) did/does the anti-corruption affect the sector and the brand? How much does China weigh vs South East Asia and the world?

Francesco Scardaoni:

Lamborghini fully advocate this move by the Chinese government and we believe this will ensure maintaining a fair and transparent society in China.
There is a huge potential for the Chinese market in the years to come, because in comparison with the global market the super sports car market is still very small.
The future is going to be bright for the super sports car business in China. It is going to be a more normal market with less peak growth like we had in the past. We as Lamborghini are preparing ourselves to maintain the market, at least as the number two markets for ourselves.




Stephan Winkelmann, President and CEO of Automobili Lamborghini


China Connect: The Chinese are ever more eager and demanding to experience brands’ heritage, values: how does Lamborghini convey its DNA, what are the pillars of Lamborghini’s strategy in China vs the world?

Francesco Scardaoni:

While continue the brand building in China, Lamborghini knows it must listen to customers’ suggestions and watch the market carefully.
• What Lamborghini can do is not only ensure that what is delivered to the client is an outstanding super sports car; it can also provide the superior after-sales support to those clients. In order to accomplish this, we continue to support our dealers to improve service quality, ensuring that every detail is considered and every customer receives the best service possible.
– For the China Market, we’ve developed specific After sales support both for our customer and dealers
For Dealers,
➢ Fully in-house technical support (hotlines), and localized After-sales training
For Customers,
➢ CCC (Customer Call Center) to answer inquiry and record of complaint on products, dealership, marketing event, service etc.
➢ CSS (Customer Satisfaction Survey) is a method developed for China, in which we call our customers and conduct surveys to collect customer feedback and better understand their requests.

– Lamborghini will further enhance customers experience via Esperienza, Accademia, and Lamborghini Blancpain Super Trofeo Asia Series.
➢ Esperienza events provide enthusiasts and prospects with opportunity for a first test-drive and to experience the world of Lamborghini
➢ The Lamborghini Accademia, on both track and ice, provide driver training and the initial steps towards racing
➢ The Lamborghini Blancpain Super Trofeo series provides the perfect first race experience for young and gentleman drivers

China Connect: The automotive industry has leveraged social commerce in China like nowhere else in the world, in particular Mercedes-Benz Group. Lamborghini itself ventured on Taobao via one of its dealer in 2012: what do you think China’s digital landscape offers to your industry and how do you plan to leverage it?

Francesco Scardaoni: 

China’s digital media landscape is quite different from the other world and is under fast evolution right now. Lamborghini’s fan base continues to grow nationwide in recent years. We have established our Official Wechat in 2014 and Official Weibo account in 2010, and have seen a high level of positive, proving the brand continues to capture the imagination of the new generation. Followers are moved by the exciting Lamborghini stories (Lamborghini History, Lamborghini Motorsport, Lamborghini Models, Lamborghini technology), connect emotionally with the brand spirit and interact with the brand often.

China Connect: Some Chinese tech players are exploring the car industry – Baidu has partnered with BMW for a drive less car, LeTV is working on making an electric car but also create an internet-connected vehicle ecosystem: what do you think, do you have any plans in this regard?

Francesco Scardaoni:

We have no related plans in China. But at the Geneva Motor Show 2015, we have delivered a virtual driving experience together with Samsung, which immersed participants in a totally different virtual reality dimension, one where they can enjoy the thrill of speed and fulfil the dream of being a racing driver.






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