Kaiser KUO





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Kaiser Kuo is director of international communications for Baidu, Inc., China’s leading search engine. A top communications professional, he has been named for two consecutive years to the Holmes Report Influence 100 list, ranking among the world’s best in-house PR practitioners. He is also well known as a writer, rock musician, and commentator on technology, society, and politics. Previously he served as consultant for international business and media relations for, one of China’s leading Internet video sites, as well as an advisory board member to several Internet-related start-up companies. An 18-year resident of Beijing, he was co-founder of China’s first and most successful heavy metal band, Tang Dynasty, and remains active in the Chinese music scene as lead guitarist of Mandarin metal band Chunqiu (Spring & Autumn). Kaiser hosts the popular Sinica Podcast, a weekly discussion of current affairs in China featuring leading journalists, bloggers, and academics. He speaks frequently on topics related to the Chinese Internet, and has been featured in numerous documentaries and television programs on that topic. Kaiser received a BA in Political Science from the University of California, Berkeley (1988), and an MA in East Asian Studies from the University of Arizona (1992). He lives in Beijing with his wife and two young children.