Jean Michel KARAM

Dr. Jean Michel Karam is a serial entrepreneur in microelectronics / MEMS  and beauty.

Having arrived in France in 1990, he obtained his engineering degree from ESIEE-Paris and his master degree from the University of Paris VII in 1993. He then received his PhD in microelectronics from the Polytechnic Institute of Grenoble in 1996.

Today, Jean leads a group of companies he founded, including:

– MEMSCAP, a publicly listed company on NYSE Euronext in Paris, which provides innovative solutions based on MEMS technology for avionics, medical and optical communications;


– IOMA, today a subsidiary of the Unilever Group, which is the number 1 brand in personalized skincare; and

– IEVA, a VC-backed start-up, launched in 2016 and releasing its revolutionary new technological concept combining personalized beauty, jewelry, craftsmanship, IoT, artificial intelligence and environmental commitment, in January 2019. He is also President of LEYLA, a Charity which finances research in orphan and rare diseases as well as other medical oriented charities. Jean has more than 250 scientific and economic publications and is an inventor or co-inventor of more than 80 patents.