Esther LEONG

Esther Leong is a British born Chinese. Raised and schooled in London, she studied History, Politics and Economics at university, including a year in Paris as a participant in the Erasmus programme.

Before founding New Chapters, Esther had a fulfilling career in international marketing and innovation, working for the world’s top consumer goods companies, such as Nestlé and PepsiCo. These roles took her all over the world, from Europe and North America to Asia.

After 20 years in the corporate world, she decided that she wanted to combine the expertise and skills gained in her career, with her passion for culture and learning. Capitalising on what have been nascent trends, Chinese outbound travel and the tremendous enthusiasm in China for education, New Chapters offers immersive, high-end cultural learning programmes for visionary Chinese individuals and their families.  Through developing their clients’ understanding of western culture and through their experiential learning approach, the programmes combine to form the equivalent of the Grand Tour for the 21st century.