Melilim FU

melilimfuMelilim Fu is a China cosmetics and fashion social media influencer. As a video and live streaming makeup tutorial content creator, her signature style is fun, artful, and edited with clear, easy-to-follow titles and voiceover instruction.

She maintains a familiar relationship with her followers communicating directly and sharing daily insight to living a more beautiful and charming life. She works closely with brands to share what’s new and hip, and maintains relationships with major China media companies that look forward to promoting her one of a kind style. Though Melilim has only been a content creator since mid-2015, she received Weibo’s award for one of the top female continent creators in 2016.

Melilim Fu (aka Maggie) was born and raised in Hong Kong. After graduating from Hong Kong University with a degree in fine arts painting, she began her career in Beijing as a makeup artist. She is a regularly go to makeup artist for GQ, Marie Claire, Vogue, and Baazar, working with some of China’s top creative and celebrity talents. In addition to her own modeling career with brands like Nike and H&M, Maggie is a regular guest writer for Yoho Girls, Time Out and Lifestyle.