MAPIC Heads to Shanghai with the Retail Real Estate Market (RREM), June 11-12


Nathalie Depetro, Director of MAPIC at REED MIDEM

China Connect : In a few words can you tell us what is MAPIC ?

Nathalie Depetro : MAPIC is the leading international market for retail and retail real estate professionals with 8400 professionals from 74 countries attending the last edition. MAPIC is above all a business platform where retail real estate players can find contacts and opportunities to develop their activities. In 2014, 2,400 representatives of international brands came to MAPIC to select the best development sites in shopping centres, but also in cities, factory outlets, leisure areas, transit zones and every other type of location.

MAPIC also provides participants with a large conference programme which reflects the current market trends in the global retail industry as well as looks into the future of retail business development. Innovation is key in the retail real estate industry, and MAPIC has a strong focus on entertainment in shopping centres and digital trends which are reshuffling the retail real estate industry.


China Connect  : Why does MAPIC launch RREM in Shanghai, and what’s its objective?

Nathalie Depetro :  The growth of disposable income in China has led to a boom in retail business and a surge in the development of world-class shopping malls throughout the country. The strong demand from Chinese customers for international brands coincides with these brands’ desire to enter the dynamic Chinese market. Therefore this is the right time to launch RREM Shanghai, an event bringing together international and regional retailers to do business with China’s shopping mall owners

RREM Shanghai is a 2 day event to meet, learn, and transact.

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China Connect : Can you make some announcements- VIP to attend, brands to exhibit, etc. ?

Nathalie Depetro : Major developers already confirmed their participation such as Wanda Group, Sands China, Carrefour China, and Inter Ikea Centre China, CapitaLand (Singapore), Hammerson (UK), Arco Retail (Italy), Trigranit (Hungary) and Thor Equities (USA) – as well as many international brands eager to develop their business in China, including Celio, Geox, Gucci, Inditex, Ladurée, Neuhaus and Ikea.

China Connect : You’ve decided to bring content to the event: What’s the objective ? Who should attend ?

Nathalie Depetro : Like at MAPIC in Cannes, content & sharing are crucial in an industry which is constantly evolving. The conference programme will provide a comprehensive picture of the Chinese commercial real estate market together with opportunities in such fields as new retail concepts and digital distribution. It will also analyse the expectations of Chinese consumers by studying three flagship market trends: digital, leisure and retailtainment (business combined with leisure).


China Connect : You’ve asked China Connect to curate some panels and keynotes on digital and O2O, can you tell us the main reasons ?

Nathalie Depetro : In this age of cross-channel retailing and new types of brand-consumer relationships, it seemed important to us to highlight the increasing role of mobile and digital in Chinese retailing, a key element in a brand’s development strategy. China Connect has gained valuable experience in the digital sector in China, making it an ideal partner for our new MAPIC event in China.







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