Digital will soon reach half of all time spent on media

Mykim Chikli

February 2, 2015

Mykim Chikli, CEO of ZENITHOPTIMEDIA China

China Connect: What are 2014 key leanings for media agencies in China ?

Mykim Chikli:
1- Advertiser had a difficult year, media agency really need to be capable to measure the ROI
2- Digitalisation of Media investment is a must: Media agency need more accurate cross-media planning tool
3- Content and Own media are 1st priority within POE ecosystem, We are not any longer a media agency but a communication partner

China Connect: How does Chinese consumers growing sophistication translate into media strategy and investment breakdowns ?

Mykim Chikli: Growth in monitored advertising spend for this year has not been as aggressive, averaging in at just 2% for YTD 2014 compared to 7.6% in the second half 2013.
Digital continues to draw advertising investment on TV and Newspaper, hitting nearly one-third of total spending for 2014. Digital will soon reach half of all time spent on media, up from just a third of time spent two years ago. Search and E-commerce take the lion’s share of digital spending, while video maintains its growth and display is in steady decline

China Connect: Mobile is a worldwide trend adoption: how (much) does China differ from the rest of the world ?

Mykim Chikli: China is the biggest market. Lower tier city are leapfrogging PC. Tablet ownership in China (42%) among netizens ranks among the highest in the entire world, ahead of more developed nations such as the UK and the US. Xiaomi rakes in a significant number of first-time smartphone buyers. Mobile advertising, while dominated by banner and search overall,skews heavily to video ads, especially on tablets.






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