China Connect 2014: 10 Facts & Figures

Following China Connect 4th edition, 10 infos & datas to keep in mind

1/ 80 000 new consumers join every day the Chinese Emerging Middle Class
which will increased from 125m to 356 million in 2020 (source: ZenithOptimedia China)

2/ 25 % market share in 18 months : 360 stands out as the 2nd search engine behind the historical leader, Baidu whose market share declined from 73 % in January 2013 to 59 % in January 2014. Sogou is 3rd, with 13 % market share (source: Datawords, CNNZ )

3/ 18 minutes, the time spent daily on Chinese ” twitter” Weibo vs messaging WeChat (9’), or 2 times more (source: CIC , January-September 2013)

3a/ 18 million and 15 million, the volume of Luxury messages in 2014 on BBS (Bulletin Board Systems) and Sina Weibo, which remain the key social channels for Luxury, despite WeChat growth (source: CIC)

4/ All about game“, explosion of mobile gaming, parallel to that of smartphones, and Android (preferred among Chinese manufacturers such as Xiaomi, Huawei, Lenovo) (source: Technode)

4a/ Mobile vertical Communities: emerging social channels dedicated to New Parents-To-Be, Cars Drivers, Travelers etc… (source: CIC)

5 / “Tuhao” (nouveau riche attitude), “Diaosi” Looser is the new winner. Nerd is the new cool”, “I would rather cry in a BMW than laugh on a bicycle (on TV)” …China’s web culture, your decoder of Chinese society (source: Labbrand)

6 / Best Value for Money” is #1 (59%) to motivate loyalty
in 2nd position (48 %), “consistent quality of products & services ” (source: Epsilon)

7/ Speed (loading, navigation of the website), is #1 for successful online operations in China, before security (source: CDNetworks)

8/ Approximately 60% of Chinese who buy luxury products will have used a Dai Gou at one time or another
“Agents” who buy in the West, to circumvent high taxes in Mainland China (Source: Bain)

9/ 61% of Chinese teenagers admit to have a parallel life online (source: Labbrand)
It is often said that the Chinese, only child, has more virtual friends than in real life

10/ Internet market trends : Cloud service, online education and financial products (source: Technode)

5 Cosmetics landmarks on Chinese Emerging Middle Class (EMC) (Source: Zenithoptimedia China)

  • Beauty is an essential part of the « social mobility » story: an aspirational route
  • EMC driving specialty products that deliver efficacy beyond moisturization (rather Mass buyers)
  • EMC demands Multi-functionality from skincare products
  • EMC more likely to use more than 1 brand
  • EMC females are more experienced and rely more on Salesperson reco and Sampling




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