5 Things You Should Know About the Chinese Shopper
October 30, 2015 Chinese shoppers’ tastes, behaviours and usages are under scrutiny, and will be ever more on November 11, aka 11.11 or Single’s Day, their “D-Day”. China’s market growth is driven by young urban consumers without taboos, eager of discovery, demanding and hyper connected. C...Read More
Healthcare and Education Mobile Services Develop in Full Force
        Bruno Bensaid, Co-Founder of Shanghaivest Ltd China Connect: The Global Mobile Internet Conference (GMIC) took place in Beijing April 28-30. As a VC, what are the key trends or shifts of this year’s Start-ups competitions and awards vs the previous years ? Bruno Bensai...Read More
The Future is Going to be Bright for the Super Sports Car Business in China
      Francesco Scardaoni, Head of Lamborghini China   China Connect: Can you introduce some key figures about Lamborghini in China, and who are your clients across the country? Francesco Scardaoni: Lamborghini saw another record year in 2014. With 2,530 cars delivered to custom...Read More
Mobile is the Single Largest and Personal Mass Media in China
      Adil Zaim, CEO of Carat China   Carat China, it’s 860 people, and according to RECMA, the #1 media agency in China for the 3rd consecutive year (2012-2014), and the only agency from China, in the Global Agency TOP10, ranked #6. Encounter in Shanghai with Adil to share on ...Read More
Will Mobile Apps, Like Rice Bowls, be “Made in China” in the future ? 7 Take-aways of GMIC 2015
May, 4th 2015 « Over 1B people are using mobile in China. There are +/- 600M mobile internet users. Mobile internet is the real internet » said Eric Li, VP Baidu. All over GMIC halls, mobile apps were popping from bodyguards to massages services (tested&approved). Beauty is a hot category: sim...Read More
MAPIC Heads to Shanghai with the Retail Real Estate Market (RREM), June 11-12
Nathalie Depetro, Director of MAPIC at REED MIDEM China Connect : In a few words can you tell us what is MAPIC ? Nathalie Depetro : MAPIC is the leading international market for retail and retail real estate professionals with 8400 professionals from 74 countries attending the last edition. MAPI...Read More
Why Korean culture deeply influences China
February 2, 2015 Laurence Lim Dally, CEO of  CHERRY BLOSSOMS China Connect: The Korean wave in China is not recent: why is it that we feel there’s a lot more talk about it nowadays (if I’m not wrong ?) ? Laurence Lim Dally: It’s true, the Korean craze entered China in the mid 1990’s, mostly...Read More
Digital will soon reach half of all time spent on media
February 2, 2015 Mykim Chikli, CEO of ZENITHOPTIMEDIA China China Connect: What are 2014 key leanings for media agencies in China ? Mykim Chikli: 1- Advertiser had a difficult year, media agency really need to be capable to measure the ROI 2- Digitalisation of Media investment is a must: Media age...Read More
The Conquest of the West : Chinese brands inside the Las Vegas CES
February 2, 2015 China hasn’t waited for the 48th edition of the Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show (CES) to be rewarded as a global best-in-class player  in terms of technological innovation in consumer electronics. But if “made in China” products and gadgets have long since inv...Read More
How to tap into globally proven great ideas and execute against unique Chinese market insight
February 2, 2015 Tian Zhang, Ph. D., Director of Interactive Marketing at Coca Cola Greater China China Connect : What is your favorite Chinese campaign of 2014, and why ? Which were Coca Cola key challenges and achievements this year ? Tian Zhang : My favorite would have to be the Coca Cola Lyrics...Read More