“Shoot First, Monetize later”: China, the innovation engine
The 2015 5 GMIC trends – leadership of the mobile internet, automotive as new high tech challenge, the O2O at the heart of China’s trade, the cult of innovation, the emergence of VR-  and augmented reality, artificial intelligence and robotics – have truly been at the heart of t...Read More
The Future is Going to be Bright for the Super Sports Car Business in China
      Francesco Scardaoni, Head of Lamborghini China   China Connect: Can you introduce some key figures about Lamborghini in China, and who are your clients across the country? Francesco Scardaoni: Lamborghini saw another record year in 2014. With 2,530 cars delivered to custom...Read More
Why Korean culture deeply influences China
February 2, 2015 Laurence Lim Dally, CEO of  CHERRY BLOSSOMS China Connect: The Korean wave in China is not recent: why is it that we feel there’s a lot more talk about it nowadays (if I’m not wrong ?) ? Laurence Lim Dally: It’s true, the Korean craze entered China in the mid 1990’s, mostly...Read More
2014 Top 10 searches and social trending topics: how it differs from Google!
February 2, 2015 Celebrities smoking marijuana, cheating, and getting prostitutes… According to Baidu, Chinese netizens cared a lot about celebrity scandals, porn and prostitution in general, and then three news stories that did shake the country. “The list of “Trending searches” is wher...Read More
The Conquest of the West : Chinese brands inside the Las Vegas CES
February 2, 2015 China hasn’t waited for the 48th edition of the Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show (CES) to be rewarded as a global best-in-class player  in terms of technological innovation in consumer electronics. But if “made in China” products and gadgets have long since inv...Read More
Interview of Simon Tam, Christie’s China Head of Wine, by Zhenji
March 7, 2013 Next China Connect seminar will welcome Simon Tam , Head of Wine for China at Christie’s, a character devoted to Luxury Goods, Wines, Art… We offer you a preview of the coming discussion : 1. People living in the North of China don’t like Cognac, but they do in the South of China...Read More
Les villes de 2ème rang et plus : la dernière frontière chinoise
September 13, 2012 This article is only available in French. Pékin, Shanghai, Canton ou Guangzhou ne sont plus les seules villes qui comptent en Chine. Le boom économique des cités « inférieures » offre aux marques un nouveau terrain de jeu dans l’empire du milieu… Décryptage par Laure de...Read More
All Eyes East : comment les générations 70, 80, 90 ont changé la Chine…
June 11, 2012 This article is only available in French. Mary Bergstrom, chairman de The Bergstrom Group* en Chine, est l’auteur du livre «All Eyes East». Pour mieux comprendre la société de l’Empire du Milieu, elle décrypte 3 générations de chinois, dont les caractéristiques et évolutio...Read More
Top 50 Chinese Brands: great videos and interviews
  May 23, 2012 As MillwardBrown released yesterday its 2012 BrandZ TOP 100 Most Valuable Global Brands report, it’s time to have a look to 2012 TOP 50 Most Valuable Chinese Brands Get more familiar with Chinese leading key players through 50 videos of – CEO Interview Highlights: 11&...Read More
Fei Wang On Marketing To China’s Maturing Consumers
May 9, 2012 Fei Wang spoke at China Connect in March and introduced those interesting facts and insights. Enjoy this interview from Jing Daily China-born and London-based designer Fei Wang has made it her mission to address a common frustration among Asian women: finding luxury sunglasses that fit p...Read More