“Shoot First, Monetize later”: China, the innovation engine
The 2015 5 GMIC trends – leadership of the mobile internet, automotive as new high tech challenge, the O2O at the heart of China’s trade, the cult of innovation, the emergence of VR-  and augmented reality, artificial intelligence and robotics – have truly been at the heart of t...Read More
Why Korean culture deeply influences China
February 2, 2015 Laurence Lim Dally, CEO of  CHERRY BLOSSOMS China Connect: The Korean wave in China is not recent: why is it that we feel there’s a lot more talk about it nowadays (if I’m not wrong ?) ? Laurence Lim Dally: It’s true, the Korean craze entered China in the mid 1990’s, mostly...Read More
Digital will soon reach half of all time spent on media
February 2, 2015 Mykim Chikli, CEO of ZENITHOPTIMEDIA China China Connect: What are 2014 key leanings for media agencies in China ? Mykim Chikli: 1- Advertiser had a difficult year, media agency really need to be capable to measure the ROI 2- Digitalisation of Media investment is a must: Media age...Read More
Italian Fashion turns into Oriental Obsession
February 2, 2015 Andrea Panconesi, Founder & CEO of China Connect : LuisaViaRoma just organized in Florence during Pitti Uomo, its “Firenze 4Ever” 10th edition under the theme “Oriental Obsession”. Many Chinese KOL attended: can you sum up what was the idea and the outco...Read More
How to tap into globally proven great ideas and execute against unique Chinese market insight
February 2, 2015 Tian Zhang, Ph. D., Director of Interactive Marketing at Coca Cola Greater China China Connect : What is your favorite Chinese campaign of 2014, and why ? Which were Coca Cola key challenges and achievements this year ? Tian Zhang : My favorite would have to be the Coca Cola Lyrics...Read More
How Tuborg Reached Emerging Youth Culture Beyond Top Tiers
December 9, 2014 The Context In 2013 Splatter* collaborated with Carlsberg’s Tuborg brand to launch the Tuborg Music Truck Tour, • Over a 5 month period, 160 events across 51 developing cities were executed, • With 3 convertible tour buses staging events simultaneously in different cities. •...Read More
Interview : Why K-Pop is such a sensation in China
December 8, 2014 K-pop (Korean pop music) has taken the world by storm thanks to the phenomenon of Psy’s success, and China is no exception. With a mix of popular songs, choreography and comic dances, and strong visual elements in its videos, K-pop’s influence is spreading massively across the e...Read More
Why Korean Culture Rocks In China
December 9, 2014 Kyu C.Lee, Ceo and Producer of Kino33Entertainment K-pop has taken the world by storm thanks to Psy’s phenomenon, and China is no exception. A mix of popular songs, comic danses and strong visual elements in its videos, K-pop’s influence is spreading massively across entertainme...Read More
VIP suites and premium ticketing impact on the concert experience in China
December 9, 2014   Michael C. Enoch, General Manager of Mercedes-Benz Arena   China Connect : Mercedes-Benz Arena (MBA) was crowned “China’s Most Dynamic Large Scale Performance Venue of 2013”: What are the main stages that led to this achievement? Michael C. Enoch : The award for ...Read More
Brand&Entertainment: How O2O drives movie tickets presales
November 13, 2014 With the rapid growth in box office in China, online to offline (O2O) ticketing services have seen great expansions in the recent years. Group-buying Accounts for 21% of Admissions Online group-buying deals for film tickets grossed $588 million in 2013, averaging $48.4 million per ...Read More