Brand&Entertainment: How O2O drives movie tickets presales


November 13, 2014

With the rapid growth in box office in China, online to offline (O2O) ticketing services have seen great expansions in the recent years.

Group-buying Accounts for 21% of Admissions

Online group-buying deals for film tickets grossed $588 million in 2013, averaging $48.4 million per month, a 16.7% market share of the national box office revenue in 2013 (the average group-buying ticket price being 28.2 Yuan). The number of group-buying tickets sold totaled 129 million, a 21% national market share for the 610 million admissions, divided as follows :

Break-down of all group-buying revenues:

1st-tier cities: 20%

2nd –tier cities: 23%

3rd-tier cities: 32%

4th-tier cities: 21%

Nation-wide tickets: 4%

15% of Revenue will be from Online Services with Seat-Selection Functions in 2015

The market volume of online seat selection in 2013 will be more than $193.76 million, about 5% of the year’s box office revenue.

It is predicted that the percentage will increase to 10% for 2014, and more than 15% by 2015.

O2O Commerce Drives Movie Tickets Presales

According to an EntGroup survey in May 2014, over 60% of moviegoers are willing to pre-purchase tickets online.

The top 3 preferable online ticketing platforms are,

Cinema self-ran websites,

– Third-party group-buying sites

1 : (71.5%), 2 : (42.3%), 3 : (36%)), and WeChat service accounts by the cinemas.

– Buying tickets apps such as : Dianping (38%), Lashou (25.3% penetration), Wanda movie (22.1%) (top 3)

– Specialized film sites,  top 3 is : Top specialized film sites: Mtime (44.4%); Gewara (33.4%), Wanda movie (32.3%)

The reason for audiences to choose group-buying website is the low ticket price with 90% of the respondents indicating a preference in services that provide seat-selection options, a trend not to be missed.






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